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Home Additions

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Endless Home Addition Options

In a market where home prices are rising, selling your home just to turn around and buy a larger one can be a losing proposition when you factor in realtors fees and large down payments. Why not increase the space in your current home, making it a more functional, attractive space? 

The type of home addition constructed can be tailored to your needs. You can extend one end of your house towards the property line. You may want to add a second living room that looks out onto your backyard, or an additional upstairs bedroom. 


Types of Additions

An extremely popular home addition that many homeowners choose is the accessory dwelling unit (or ADU), also known as a mother-in-law suite. These buildings are usually built on the backside of the property to add extra living space, or create an income stream using your existing property.

Accessory Dwelling Units may be converted garages, detached ADUs, or attached ADUs- where the home addition is part of the main structure.

Some refer to ADUs as tiny homes. Typically, a tiny home is between 100 and 400 square feet though they may be larger. Being mobile and/or living off the grid is a possibility, not a requirement.


A Home Addition Contractor You Can Trust

Homeowners in the Rogue Valley are turning to Southridge Builders for first rate home additions to  boost thier home's curb appeal and functionality. Let us help you too!

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